Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pinterest Madness

Coffee Body Love

Let's face it. If you manage to figure out what Pinterest is all about, you've probably fallen into the time sucking cult of that site and find yourself looking at “pretty pictures” when you should be doing something more productive like cleaning your house. Granted, you've also probably tried to tell yourself that looking at pictures of environmentally friendly ways to clean your house counts and productivity but you've probably also never made said items. If you're like me, you've discovered board after board of 'how to get fit' or 'healthy meals' or 'home friendly cleaning products' and you've tried to figure out how someone can pin hundreds of these things and expect to actually do them. Now, my boards don't really consist of these things (I have a little cooking bored but that's about it) but today, when I was perusing the Pinterest cult, I was a bit overwhelmed. After all, how the hell are we supposed to know if these things work? I mean, when a picture tells me I can loose ten pounds in just a month by doing a certain list of exercises, it seems way too good to be true. No, I prefer to spend my time clicking on pictures of Misha Collins and John Barrowman doing the tango.

But, out of sheer boredom today, I did decide to try a Pinterest pin. I must admit that the only reason I tried it probably had to do with the fact that coffee was the main ingredient. This said experiment is a full on body scrub. Using coffee grounds, sugar, olive oil and vitamin E, this scrub is said to fight cellulite (I know I don't have it but one day I will!) and get rid of dry skin. Like I said, coffee was involved. It was too tempting not to give it a try.

I luckily had all the main ingredients in my kitchen and so I whipped it up in a bowl and got in the shower. I used standard white sugar (though you can use brown), olive oil and some Folgers Coffee grounds because rubbing that coffee on your body is about the only thing that brand of coffee is good for. I did substitute the vitamin E capsules for actual vitamin E oil that I got from Trader Joes.

I scrubbed the entire contents of this all over my body, rinsed it off, and then lightly washed the remaining bit of it with my own body wash just in case there was sugar or grounds still lingering. The end result? Silky smooth skin and the ever present scent of coffee.

I'm serious. This for some reason works. My hands and arms haven't felt this good since the start of summer. No matter how much sunscreen I use, or how many times I put on an organic moisturizer that is said to keep your body moisturized for the entire day, my skin rejects it. I either feel greasy or feel as if I am having to reapply every few hours. And I know, I know. Certain store bought brands have agents in them that will dry out your skin to make you keep using them and bla bla bla. I know this. I'm aware of this, and I don't buy those products. I just have a tendency of getting dull looking skin way to easily. So far, however, this coffee scrub has worked wonders. I'm completely pleased with it. So pleased in fact, that my previous bad mood has somehow turned into something much nicer. I'm going to say that has to do with the lingering scent of coffee, though. I don't think this body scrub is an endorphin scrub for anyone but coffee obsessed souls like me.

Have I mentioned how much I love coffee.

The downside? You need to have a good shower drain. You are washing away ¼ cups of coffee and ¼ cups of sugar down that drain. Make sure you either have draino on hand, or you have a high pressured shower. Also, if you're like me and live in a place where sugar ants come crawling out of the woodwork to feast on the slightest drop of sweetness, make sure to rinse well.

Anyway, my first Pinterest try out was a success. Definitely give it a go. Here is the original blog that goes into detail how to make it and also gives a lemon scrub if you are not a coffee fan like me. Go give her some love.

If anyone has anything else that they've wanted to try that they've found on Pinterest, but doesn't have the time for the experiment, send it my way. Happy Pinning everyone. Don't forget to like me on Facebook or follow me on Google plus.

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  1. This is awesome! I wanna try it now!

    1. You definitely should. My skin just looks fresher since doing it. I think I'll keep it up and do it once a week. Much cheaper than a store bought body scrub.