Sunday, June 9, 2013

Author Review

Side note: This is a school assignment. This isn't normally what I would be talking about in this blog but I need to show that I have a blog entry in order to pass this class. Read and enjoy, or come back in a few days for more information on traveling and maybe some zombies.

This week, I examined the profile pages of authors Gerald Brom, Patrick Rothfuss and George R.R Martin. I chose Patrick Rothfuss's facebook page to examine further because he writes the types of books that I hope to some day published and figured it would be useful to examine an author that resembles what I want to do. You can find his link here:

His page was easy to navigate, which I think is the first thing that should be looked for. Furthermore, he promotes his other social media pages without it being too overwhelming. Under his biography section, he has a link to his personal website and in his About Me, he asks readers to send him a message through a preexisting contacting form on his website as well. A link to his personal blog can also be found in his section about personal information. This directs people away from the facebook page and also serves to promote his work in a medium that works best for him.

The page is also personal. His 'likes' are listed to the side, showing that he is active in the social community. Despite the fact that he gets tons of messages and wall posts a day, it seems as if he still tries to answer them in order to continue to be involved with his fans. There is also a consistent amount of facebook updates that talk about what is going on with his life and what is upcoming in his professional career. What I found most intriguing was the fact that he also promoted other authors. If he reads a book that he likes, he makes sure to tell his fans about it, thus creating an even bigger social web for him.

Overall, I think his facebook page is clean cut and efficient. It operates as it is supposed to and generates interest while keeping fans up to date. It is being used more as a vehicle to promote his other, more professional sites yet manages to hold a presence all on its own.

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