Saturday, June 8, 2013

Torchwood - Top Secret

Not a fan of Torchwood? Why the hell not?

Alright, alright. So it's not a show for everyone. To my fellow nerds out there, however, here is a very different spin off of Doctor Who. If you haven't watched it, go Netflix it now. Granted, it's a bit overdone at times, but is still one of the only Sci-fi shows I have seen that makes me cringe over what humanity might do if aliens invaded.

The Torchwood Archives isn't exactly anything special. It is more of a companion piece to the first two seasons. Presented to us as someone who has managed to follow the Torchwood team around and collect notes and pictures of them without them knowing, the book compiles all of the authors research into a volume that Ianto tells us is never supposed to leave the Hub. There are logs from Captain Jack and little post it notes from the other team members. If you are a fan of the show, you will like it. Little one liners give more depth to what was happening between the episodes and some of the innuendo is definitely worth a giggle or two. It was nice to see how these characters related to each other and see this universe expand a bit more.

Pick it up if you want a fun read.  And if you are looking for what else I'm reading this month, go to my June reads post found here

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